By Curtis Simmons

How Many Donations Are You Missing Out On?

Even before COVID-19, an organization with flat sales or reduced traffic would react by taking a look at the many factors that influence revenue. They would consider which ones should be tweaked or—in the case of social distancing and economic lockdown—even totally revamped.

When business isn’t booming, leaders recognize the need to take action. They look at pricing, marketing and advertising, product quality, display effectiveness, website quality, process inefficiencies, operational costs, employees and salaries … and so much more.

With so many things to take into consideration, the most successful pivots can’t possibly depend on random guesswork. Leaders seek out the best information and data available as they weigh costs, calculate risks, and determine the impact of any change.

How Can Churches Take Action with Generosity?

Unlike a retail business, generosity to the church isn’t a quid pro quo exchange for a product or service. We know that giving is a complex and personal spiritual practice with intangible factors that can’t be controlled.

But does that mean church leaders are powerless to take action? Can they influence giving any other way except by a sermon tithing? (The success of that method is even questionable!)

And should there be any risk at all in taking this action? We think not!

Take Action in Less than 3 Minutes!

Fortunately, when it comes to online giving (which has grown exponentially since the pandemic started), generosity intersects with technology. Technology allows us to recognize patterns. We now have the ability to learn from massive data studies about online giving behavior as it relates to those personal intangibles of generosity.

This means churches really can calculate the effect their online giving tool is having on givers’ generosity. They can easily discover how many potential donations they’re missing out on.

Your church is unique. So we’ve used reliable data to create a quick 3-minute quiz to help you assess the impact your current online giving platform may be having on generosity. Take the quiz and you’ll also get a free resource with easy fixes for any area identified that hinders giving.

Calculate your missing donations now. You may be surprised at what you find.