Online Giving Obstacle: Frustrating Forms

Common Obstacles to Generosity (& the Easy Fixes)

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This is part 5 of 5 in a series called The Deadly Sins of Online Giving. We discuss the most common obstacles to online giving that LIMIT your givers’ generosity and how to easily fix them.

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Online giving is supposed to be easy and convenient. Yet one of the reasons 83% of gifts begun on charitable websites go uncompleted is because of too many frustrations and hassles with giving forms.

Creating a pleasant, enjoyable, hassle-free experience for guests is a top priority for most churches. You want your attendees to have positive experiences in every interaction they have with you, whether on your premises or online.

Unfortunately, many church donation software experiences are so frustrating, some of your givers just won’t push through the hassles.


Friction Can Grind Giving to a Halt

Friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another. When you apply your car’s brakes, friction is what ultimately stops the vehicle. In this scenario, friction is good. When it comes to your giver’s generosity, however, any friction that slows or stops their intention to give is, obviously, NOT good. Their desire to give at that moment may literally grind to a stop. If and when will they ever return?


Your Givers’ Starting Point: Hesitance

Though charitable giving is a choice, it’s an emotional decision that can cause anxiety on its own. It is givers’ first brake tap. Then, security-conscious givers are naturally on guard when making financial transactions online—that’s their second brake tap. Their foot is hovering above the brake before they’ve even started the gift process.

Each time your giving platform adds a hassle of some kind, a flicker of doubt arises and they press on the brakes again. They hit another bump and press the brakes harder. At some point, more than three-fourths of them will reach their peak tolerance of hassles and simply abandon their attempt to give.

The biggest bumps in the road found in most church online giving platforms?

If your givers have made it through this gauntlet, their resistance is already wearing thin. Any of these additional frustrations could be their tipping point:


How Vision2 Helps Removes Frustration

Churches no longer have to limit themselves to payment processors or even church online giving software that puts limits on your givers’ generosity.

Vision2 removes the friction in online giving with:

With features found in no other online giving software for churches, Vision2 provides a frictionless experience for your givers, allowing you to CONNECT with your givers the same way you engage with them in person.

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