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How to Encourage Recurring Giving with New Members

By Charlotte Woodward

So, your church is growing in attendance?  That’s GREAT news!  At Vision2, we hear that the next big challenge for a growing church is – How do we encourage recurring giving with new members?  The way you go about this will certainly have a lasting effect on the relationships you build with your new members over time.

Identifying New Attendees and Givers

The truth is, first impressions are LASTING impressions.  Vision2 can give you the tools to easily identify first-time givers and early insights on their giving trends, but also thank and acknowledge their gifts in a personalized and meaningful way.  One of our main goals here at Vision2 is to keep your church’s message and personal touch at the forefront.  This goes a long way with new givers, and is one of the first and most crucial steps to create a strong bond between member and church.

Occasional Giving vs. Recurring Giving

We’re all human, and we all know that habits are hard to break – whether they are BAD or GOOD!  How is your church teaching the importance of sustained and scheduled giving?  Do your new members understand the expenses a church incurs during normal operation?  Are you explaining how existing ministries could be expanded, which new ministries could be created, and what impact could be realized if predictable financial support is available?  These are all important and sensitive factors to be communicated, whether from the pulpit, or through customized content within Vision2’s giving platform.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Challenge?

Whether you’re a first-time giver or a long-time committed tither, we’re all at different stages of our faith and generosity journey.  Although everyone will have a different propensity to give, most folks do enjoy a challenge.  With Vision2, your members will have the ability to set giving goals for themselves, manage recurring schedules, and instantly track progress toward those goals.  If you’re a tithing church or not, these tools are incredible ways to build commitment and encourage the habit of joyful giving.

No two churches are the same, each has its own unique culture and group of unique individuals.  Finally, there is a giving platform that embraces that fact, and allows your leadership to tell the same story in the giving environment that they tell on Sunday morning!

Didn’t get a chance to catch the webinar? Watch it on-demand here! 

*Blog post written by Chase Fonner, New Client Engagement at Vision2Systems


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