Giving Without Limits

Extending the Spirit of Generosity to Churches

The word generosity is used a lot in the church giving circles, mostly to refer to givers and the need to increase their giving. At Vision2, we approach generosity from a different angle, one that guides how our online giving platform is built and the way we do business with our church partners.

Where Generosity Originates

Generosity shares space in the Bible with words like abundant, boundless, overflowing, without measure, and unlimited. These descriptions are used most often to describe God’s extravagance toward us. His desire is that when we experience His generosity, we’ll naturally reflect it back to Him and pay it forward to others.

Operating from the Spirit of Generosity

Churches reflect the spirit of generosity when they provide their services and resources freely to their community and the world. Although their good work requires funding, the majority of church leaders aren’t in it for the money. They keep going even when resources are scarce.

The church also relies on organizations which help facilitate their work in the community. Of course, businesses, even those created to serve the church, are obviously created for profit, but can they also be generous?

We believe they can.

Vision2 giving software was built for generosity from the ground up. The goal wasn’t simply to grow generosity in individuals, though we designed our solution to do that. It was also to extend generosity to churches.

Deep knowledge of church challenges—and of gaps in existing online giving platforms to adequately address those challenges—led to innovation in Vision2 that no other platform has, WITHOUT THE LIMITS others impose.

Why Giving Software Providers Impose Limits

Sometimes a vendor’s limits or additional charges are business decisions based on the legitimate need to cover the cost of serving the church. For example, getting your new software up and running is an expense the vendor must recoup.

Other business decisions, however, are simply ways to serve the vendor’s bottom line at the expense of the church. This includes practices such as term contracts that make it impossible for a church to leave even if they’re unhappy, or if they do leave, withholding their giving data from them.

Many vendors’ limits may be unavoidable for that particular vendor because of the way the software and the organization have been structured. The typical credit structure simply doesn’t allow for very large gifts or a high velocity of gifts at one time, so maximum gift amount limits and delays in receiving your funds cannot be bypassed.

Vision2 Exists to Help You Do Good, Better

Vision2 was borne out of creator Carl Tierney’s background in technology and his frustration with the lack of integrity he saw—from the inside—of organizations serving nonprofits and the church.

Carl has a vision for helping the church do more than focus on itself. He imagined a solution that allows churches to more efficiently distribute goods and services to the community. He saw the high risk practices in church accounting and visualized a way to protect congregations with rigorous automatic internal controls. He wanted to save hardworking church staff time and effort, and provide ways to better engage church attendees—beyond their financial gifts.

His goal was to actually help the church have a greater impact on peoples’ lives. Creating a truly innovative giving software platform is just the beginning of this dream. You are already doing good work in the community, Vision2 exists to help you do that good work even better.

How Vision2 Is Different

The starting point of software matters. With inside knowledge of the challenges churches face with giving and accounting—including the pain of switching to a new platform—and with the extension of generosity as our baseline, Vision2 innovates many standard tasks, including:

Giving Without Limits

To truly meet Carl’s goals and serve the church better, he created Vision2 from the outset to remove limits and avoid the nickel-and-diming approach many vendors use. Employing the spirit of generosity wherever possible, Vision2 offers churches true GIVING WITHOUT LIMITS:

The Growth of Generosity

The best part of these tangible examples of the spirit of generosity is the fruit they can produce. When vendors impose limits on churches, those limits are ultimately passed on to individual givers, the true seed planters in the kingdom. Generosity flows in that same way.

With no artificial giving limits, there’s NO LIMITS TO YOUR GROWTH of:

… and much, much more!

Generosity received should result in generosity extended, whether you’re an individual giver, a ministry leader or an organization serving the church.

At Vision2, we take this kingdom truth seriously. Sign up for a demonstration of what Vision2 can do for your church.