VISION2 - comprehensive giving platform

Vision2 is a comprehensive giving software for effective stewardship that helps churches connect with their congregation in the same engaging, welcoming way they would in person. Vision2 increases donations to the church by establishing trust with donors via customizable content, personalized service, consistent look-n-feel, and demonstrable impact.

Vision2 supports web, text, and mobile giving by donors, plus effortless scanning of checks, envelopes, and more, for single or multi-campus churches. Vision 2 establishes trust with church finance and leadership teams with Level 1 PCI compliance, seamless integration to church management and accounting systems, plus giving analytics and insights.



– No contract
– No monthly fees
– No limit on Support
– No limit on # of Users
– No limit on Transactions
– No limit on the Donation amount
– No delays in receiving your money

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And therefore,
NO LIMITS to the GROWTH of your …

– Number of givers
– Total amount of Gifts
– Church Outreach
– Church Missions
– Church Impact
– and much, much more!

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Our Users Favorite Features

Customized Messaging

Tell a consistent story on Sunday and online – the only giving platform that allows for true customization of the giving portal.

Gift Transparency

Show your congregation the impact of their gift with specialized giving campaigns and personalized messages. So long to the general fund, hello purpose driven giving campaigns.

Analytics + Reporting

Pull clear, simplified giving analytics and deliver true giving statements with our all-encompassing general ledger.

Complete Subledger

Manages data in an auditable and secure way and produces ledger entry output.