Built for

Your Congregation

Reduce friction during the giving experience and provide meaningful messaging to increase giver engagement. The Vision2 solution seamlessly integrates with your church’s website, keeping your givers focused on the mission, rather than the giving platform brand. Personalized messaging and access to self-service tools allows your givers to engage in a meaningful way.

Frictionless User Experience

Vision2 keeps your congregation focused on the church’s mission, rather than the giving platform. Seamless website integration reduces friction during the user experience, increasing engagement.

Self-Service Giving

Vision2 uses intuitive screens and easy-to-use giving tools that empower your givers' to manage their giving. Setting up recurring giving, editing profiles, and making changes to account details are quickly and easily done by your giver.


Increase engagement with a frictionless online giving experience.

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Church-centered online giving that engages your church.



Mobile capabilities that reach your church at the perfect giving moment.

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Engage the next generation of givers using their preferred method of communication.

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Encourage consistent giving with easy-to-use scheduling tools.

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Built for


We work with your Leadership Team to drive engagement and advance discipleship opportunities. Through seamless integration with your church management system, we ensure your data is used in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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Built for


We work with your Finance Team to provide accurate and timely financial information. You have a complete view of contribution financials with fee transparency, contribution-by-contribution deposit information, and support for journaled and pending transactions.

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Built for


We work with your Communications Team to drive cross-channel engagement that maintains your unique voice. We plug right into your current branding, allowing for a seamless design integration and cohesive user experience.

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