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How to Engage Millennials with 5 Tips from Millennials

Let’s talk about the M word – Millennials. Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte Woodward and not only am I the Marketing Manager here at Vision2, but I am also a 27 year old Millennial. (gasp!) Don't be fooled - Millennials really aren't that scary. We're just tech-savy, goal oriented, career motivated kids who love a good farmer's market. But…
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Vision2 Product Insights: Know Thy First Time Giver

Did you know at Chick-fil-A, Truett Cathy used to limit owners and operators to be in charge of just one store? His vision was for them to be another pastor to that community – “chicken pastors.”  He wanted them to know who lived near their store, what their lives were like, where they worked as well as their family dynamics.…
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How to Encourage Recurring Giving with New Members

So, your church is growing in attendance?  That’s GREAT news!  At Vision2, we hear that the next big challenge for a growing church is - How do we encourage recurring giving with new members?  The way you go about this will certainly have a lasting effect on the relationships you build with your new members over time. Identifying New Attendees…
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The Roadshow Wrap-Up

Alright y’all, we are wrapping up The Better Together Roadshow at our final destination here in Memphis, and it has been an incredible 4 days! We have gained so much from interacting with these local churches, and we can only hope we were able to provide a tenth of the value to you that you have provided to us. Along…
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San Antonio –> Houston

Howdy y’all! We have arrived in Houston, Texas which means the Better Together Roadshow is well underway! We held our first event in San Antonio yesterday (shoutout to Westover Hills Church for hosting us!). We connected with many churches from the larger San Antonio area and had great conversations about the growth they are seeing. “I am the finance coordinator…
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It’s the Better Together Roadshow!

That' s right - Vision2 is hitting the road to bring you the Better Together Roadshow! Along with our partners, MinistryPlatform and PocketPlatform, we are coming to FOUR cities in FOUR days and we are so excited to meet everyone. These best of breed technology solutions were built by people just like you, to help you do YOUR church, YOUR…
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Faith-Based Finance Collaborative Roadshow

At Acct2 and Vision2Systems, we believe in creating a compelling giving experience and easy-to-manage financial system. That is why we are bringing our generosity best practices and financial management how-to’s on the road! Join us for a 2-day event of learning how the right solutions paired together can ensure effective contribution and back office management. You will get a chance…
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Better Together Roadshow

Think Ministries and Vision2Systems come together as two of the leading tech partners in the church space and we are taking our mission on the road! We will be traveling through the southeast sharing how using these two best in breed solutions can not only simplify your church management, but also give your congregation a meaningful giving experience. Follow our…
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Create Your Congregational Launch Plan

To move all donors both occasional and recurring over to Vision2 in the most effective manner possible, it’s important to first develop a strategic plan. Within this plan, define what your outreach will look like, and the timeline in which you will move through the transition phases. This is when you’ll answer questions like, · When do we want to…
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