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Pushpay Competitors: 6 Giving Software Systems to Consider

Contact Vision2 for a demo of our church online giving software! Online giving software is the present and future of church giving. These easy-to-use systems provide your members with plenty of opportunities to make their gifts according to their individual preferences and contribute whenever and wherever they’re motivated to do so. If you’re familiar with church giving software, you may…
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Payment Processing and Merchant Services for Churches

Contact Vision2 for a demo of our payment processing and merchant services tools! Your church is a vibrant and growing organization that serves your members and your community in various ways. You depend on your members’ generosity to maintain your current ministries and programs, expand them to better serve your members, and reach new parishioners. With the right payment processing…
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Top 7 Essential Features for Church Giving Platforms

If your church wants to make giving more convenient for all of your members and processing gifts easier for your team, it’s likely that you’ve looked into adopting a church giving platform. Church online giving platforms are comprehensive software systems that make it easy for your congregants to give whenever and wherever they are and make it easy for your…
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5 Best Practices for Online Tithing at Your Church

Your church creates a community that helps guide and shape your congregants’ lives, but also supports them wherever they are on their individual journeys. For many of them, including—but certainly not limited to!—millennials and other younger generations of your members, there’s no denying that much of their time is spent online. The popularity of social media and the ubiquity of…
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The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Church Giving Software

Contact Vision2 for a demo of our comprehensive church giving software! Church giving provides your congregants with the opportunity to support the community that facilitates their spiritual development. It's their generosity that allows for the continuation and expansion of the programs that have helped bring them closer to God as well as the growth of your church. You can make…
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Intacct, the Ministry Tool that Helps Faith-Based Organizations Reach their Visionary Goals

Plagued by confusion, delays and lack of confidence in reporting.” “Cost and headaches of on-premise accounting systems and IT infrastructure.” “Need for a user-friendly cloud solution that would support anytime, anywhere access while minimizing IT efforts.”   These are just a few of the most common challenges that faith-based organizations struggle with. The good news is Intacct, the customer satisfaction leader…
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Church Finance: 3 Reasons to Dig Yourself out of Excel

Do You Have the POWER? Since the inception of Excel, almost 30 years ago, Microsoft has been improving the computing power of the spreadsheet. As business intelligence requirements emerged, the need for unique calculations - graphing and macros (automating tasks in a spreadsheet) - became instrumental in the process of gathering and reporting data. For many years, analysts have lived and breathed…
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How to Prepare for Holiday Giving & EOY Management

The time for year-end giving comes faster and faster every year. It seems like back to school shopping ends, and then all of a sudden, store aisles are filled with Halloween costumes. But in reality, if you wait until Halloween rolls around to start thinking about year-end giving, you’ll have waited too long. Preparing is not something you want to…
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5 Rules To Make Giving Easy for the First Time Giver

The first-time giver is your most important audience. They are the ones who need the most information, the ones who may be concerned about sharing their information and may not understand what to give to. Providing comfort, context, and affirmation is how we ensure the first-time giver becomes a second time giver, and hopefully at some point a recurring giver. Here are 5 rules to remember in…
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