5 Common Obstacles to Generosity
(& How to Easily Fix)

Studies show 83% of the people who visit your website LEAVE without making a donation.

We'll show you 5 common mistakes most churches make on their website with their online giving form. 

Plus we show you how to easily fix each one!

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The Deadly Sins of Online Giving

Obstacle: Lack of TRUST

Does your giving platform build TRUST by keeping givers on your site or does it SCARE givers away?

Obstacle: Not seeing the IMPACT

Does your current online donation platform allow you to use IMAGES and descriptions to show the impact a financial gift will make on the ministry opportunity?

Obstacle: Requiring an ACCOUNT

Are you putting limits on generosity by requiring a personal commitment? 


Does your church giving software CONNECT with your givers in the SAME engaging way you greet them in person, or does it feel cold and impersonal?

Plus one more surprising obstacle!

If you’re thinking it wouldn’t be easy to address all these obstacles on your own, you’re right. These are complex challenges, and your expertise is in ministry, not technology.

Why are your potential givers leaving without giving?

In this free whitepaper, we discuss the most common obstacles you might be placing in front of your potential givers

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