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Vision2 is a comprehensive giving solution for effective stewardship that helps churches
connect with their congregation in the same engaging way they would in person.

How to Nurture Generosity in the New Digital World

Last year, almost overnight. the digital church became a reality.

Some churches posted sermon videos online and held their breath ’til things could get back to normal. Others, however, invested in making digital connections as personal and engaging as possible. Those churches not only kept their members engaged, but they also saw their reach expand to a broader audience.

Download our new resource, How to Nurture Generosity in the New Digital World, to learn how your church can prepare to grow generosity in the digital age.

7 Steps to Bring Your Back Office Into the Future

Trapped in the past, church finance teams are using error-prone, time-consuming, and costly tools for managing their back-office processes and are forced to manually reconcile with their bank each week while desperately searching for a better way in the future.

Surely there’s a better way. A way to save both time and money, while still accelerating giving growth.

Good news, there is! And you don’t have to wait for the future — you can have it today,

“Wonderful work...”

East Cooper Bible’s mission is to equip people to pursue Jesus Christ passionately as they impact their culture. At ECB they have taken full advantage of the Vision 2 communications tools by using their Ask Ladder to create a very compelling call to action for much-loved outreach programs. These tools have increased EBC’s outreach giving by 23% Janine Mikell ~ God is doing a wonderful work in & through his people here!