Understanding your Givers at a Glance

Posted 04/30/2014 by

It used to be you would have to run your sybunt and lybunt reports, or complex queries to understand how active your donors were.   Vision2 believes that data should be available to you in an easy and accessible fashion.  That is why we are working hard to provide you with real time metrics.   Using a 12 month moving average for payments and gifts we can give you an accurate picture about the trend that giver is taking.  Are they up 45% over last year or down.  We also provide data on which of the channels they are giving through and how much of their giving is through that channel.  There is no lengthy query to run or data warehousing process to recalculate these metrics, they automatically are adjusted as soon as a new gift or payment comes in regardless of channel.  Just one more way Vision2 gives you insight into your donors to help you segment and manage your donor engagement.  GIving Statistics