Text to Give - No fixed gift size

No fixed gift size

Text to Give - Funds settled in 3-5 business days

Funds settled in 3-5 business days

Text to Give - Works with any carrier

Works with any carrier

Text to Give - Keep your branding

Registration completed on your website — keep your branding

For the last couple of years Vision2Systems has been dedicated to building software that serves the organization.

We brought together a team of Geeks for Good experienced in church giving to develop an integrated giving platform that has proven to increase generosity within the organization.

One of our latest features is Vision2’s Text to Give. Text to Give is simply another way to meet members where they are, enabling them to give simply by sending a text to the organization’s phone number.

We understand giving is an act of worship within the organization, and we understand that worship is different for everyone. As a SAAS software and services provider for the organization, we want to provide as many tools possible to make it easy for members to give in a way that they are comfortable.

As an administrator of the organization we allow you to track all gifts no matter if it is a text gift, check or cash in the basket on Sunday, or a single or recurring gift setup online.

There’s no reason to have to worry about tracking bits and pieces of this across several different vendors and merchant providers. Our giving platform allows for you to do it all in one place and display it all on your church’s website, not a 3rd party vendor’s site.

We think it should be easier than that. That’s why we built a fully integrated giving platform to track online and offline gifts all in one place. Simple. Easy. The way giving should be.

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