Our gift entry reduces the amount of time and effort necessary to create a gift. Add a new person and gift in the same screen or import.

Easy Check Scanning Processing

Our check scanning utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The supporter’s name, address, and the amount is read so your team only has to verify the information. We handle all the accounting, donor statements, deposit reporting and Not Sufficient Funds (NSF).


Accelerate Gift Entry with Batches

Fast search capabilities mean donor searches take less than a second, even with hundreds of thousands of member records. And batch templates enable gift entry to be streamlined to just a couple of fields. Deposit ticket support further enhances batches and audit controls.

Track Giving by Service and Location

Attribute offline gifts to a church service and specific site or campus for accurate revenue reporting.


Split Gifts in Many Ways

Create a split gift as many ways as you like between designations or payment method.

Support for “On Behalf of” Gifts

Gifts can be given by a person but funded by a company, foundation or even another person.

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