Automate Communications Campaigns

Create scheduled and personalized campaigns with our customer relationship management system. You set the cadence and trigger behavior.


Create Unique and Personalized Gift Acknowledgements

Send your most valuable communication — a thank you for a contribution. Create a unique acknowledgement for the 1st, 2nd, to the nth gift or even by designation.

Send Free Email from Your Organization’s Address

Outbound email communication and campaigns come from an email address of your organization. An unsubscribe link is included allowing your organization to maintain email service reputation.


Flexible Householding

Support for events such as divorce and marriage means donor statements and gift history reflect the household at the time of the gift. No matter what changes have taken place.

Profiles for Organizations

Businesses, foundations, and other churches aren’t people. Maintain contact information related to the organizations you work with.

Gain Confidence with Address Validation

Address validation is provided for every address that comes into our system. If we save an address, you can be confident that the address exists.

Keep Data Clean with Duplicate Detection

Our detection process combines fuzzy search logic, address verification, alternate first names (e.g. Will, William, Billy for a first name of Bill), and gender bias.


Track relationships between your supporters such as children, cousins, employment, board relationships and others.

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