Check Scanning the Way it Should Work

Posted 04/29/2014 by

One of the things we have heard loud and clear from talking to customers is that the the current check imaging available is missing a few key features:

  • Look up donors based on the name and address on the check not just the routing and account number and identify if its an organization or an individual
  • Queue up adding new donors if there is no matching donor based on the name and address on the check
  • Handle allocating split designation checks
  • Handle NSF checks within a batch and appropriately updating the ledge and the gift history correctly
  • Automatically create the reversal ledger entries including the bank fees for NSF checks based on bank settlement data
  • Store and present check images to donors and operation staff as necessary to support research and audit function

Vision2 believes that we should do everything we can to create an accurate financial and data picture for our clients which is why we are going beyond just a simple check scanner and integrated check imaging.   We have integrated check scanning deeply into our application and it is part of our batch gift entry system.  We also went the extra mile and have built recognition to lift the name and address off of the check to compare with existing donors and will automatically display the best match and potential matches for that donor to the person handling gift entry.   The end result is a much more accurate financial process and better data.  Our process also stores an encrypted image of every check associated with each payment Vision2 handles to facilitate donor or audit requests.