Understanding your Givers at a Glance

Posted 04/30/2014 by

It used to be you would have to run your sybunt and lybunt reports, or complex queries to understand how active your donors were.   Vision2 believes that data should be available to you in an easy and accessible fashion.  That is why we are working hard to provide you with real time metrics.   Using a […]

Check Scanning the Way it Should Work

Posted 04/29/2014 by

One of the things we have heard loud and clear from talking to customers is that the the current check imaging available is missing a few key features: Look up donors based on the name and address on the check not just the routing and account number and identify if its an organization or an […]

Retention vs. Engagement

Posted 04/28/2014 by

Retention is definitely a hot topic many of us talk about, but most of what we do is view reports on who we have lost and how we are going to reactivate them. In a world where marketing automation is all the rage, isn’t it time we software providers do a better job of providing […]