People first, tech second.

At Vision2 Systems, we are passionate about serving nonprofits, churches, and philanthropic organizations. By eliminating the complex structures and expensive processing fees that have traditionally been associated with online and offline giving software, we are making it easier and more affordable for organizations to collaborate with likeminded groups and individuals.

The concept for Vision2 was born from a desire to use technology in a way that would benefit nonprofit organizations, churches, and other humanitarian groups. Our goal from the very beginning has been to build an honest technology company that could serve this market efficiently and inexpensively. Our team has taken apart the online giving model and put it back together in a completely new way, creating an authentic system that can be quickly deployed by organizations with limited resources.

A clear set of ambitions.

We offer software with significantly lower merchant processing rates than competing online and offline giving and membership management platforms. Complex algorithms and documentation requirements are hidden from the end user and dealt with internally, creating a seamless interface that members feel comfortable using.

At Vision2, we support a wide range of organizations, including churches, nonprofits, and family services groups with anywhere from $500,000 to $50 million and more a year in online and offline giving. We are committed to connecting these organizations with potential members and enabling collaborative fundraising among organizations by providing them with optimized tools that anyone can use.


Paul Baldwin

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Chief Executive and Finance. Entrepreneurial executive with 20+ years’ experience as a Majority Principal, Chief Executive and  Financial Officer for financial and IT startups as well as existing companies, including extensive high level consulting experience  in the application services space and staff augmentation for Fortune 500 companies.  Serves as a Board and Audit Committee member for nonPareil Institute (nPi) , a non-profit organization dedicated to providing IT technical training to students diagnosed within the autism spectrum.

“One of my guiding principles is the belief that no matter how one’s life might be judged, it will first be measured by how you treated your fellow beings, and how you helped those in particular who were less fortunate than yourself.  That is why Vision2’s mission resonated so strongly with me.   Non-profit and church communities are grossly underserved by existing technology and financial systems.   It was immediately apparent that Vision2 had the ideal mix of ideological outlook, domain experience, and technological savvy that combined with financial resources and management capability could make a big difference to nonprofits, churches and the many they serve and help every day.”


Carl Tierney

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Technology and Strategy. Vision2 has provided me the opportunity to use my talents and abilities for something more than just myself.  Vision2 is the gift I want to give to all of those organizations who are trying to make the world a better place.  After spending several years at Blackbaud running the Blackbaud CRM professional services group and watching my customers struggle with software that didn’t integrate and was hard to use I felt called to do good better.

I believe that every person is here for a purpose, and building technology that is cost effective, easy to use, and allows organizations to collaborate to do better is my purpose. I am privileged to be working with such an amazing team working on behalf of amazing customers.


Matt Crane

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Relationship Development. Matt has served as a technology leader building software for the Church for the last ten years, including architecture/development of Saddleback Church systems, as well as large-scale ecommerce and event management systems.  Before working on tech for the Church, he consulted for Deloitte-Touche, Ceira Technologies and Arthur Anderson advising Fortune 500 clients on IT structure build out and mapping business processes to large-scale software systems.

In his free time Matt coaches his son’s soccer team and is an active member of his church, he also serves on his Church’s tech committee.


Cathe Lewis

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Strategic Relationships. Extensive experience developing and sustaining strategic client relationships, aligning goals among those with common interests and an expert in the field of negotiated transactions, Cathe brings 20+ years in banking and financial services including GE Capital and Bank of America.

Actively engaged with a not-for-profit, she mentors economically disadvantaged students in their quest for college degrees.


Ann Tierney

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Risk and Compliance. A risk management executive for 25 + years in financial services and banking, including GE Capital, Chase, and most recently as a consultant with OneWest Bank ,  I  now volunteer my  knowledge and experience to Vision2 on a full-time basis.

Vision2 has provided an extraordinary opportunity to put that knowledge and experience to use in a very positive way.  Like others at Vision2, have found that being a part of this team and its mission is a life changing experience.


Chris Coleman

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Development Team. Chris has led the front-end design and development of websites and interactive marketing systems for some of largest companies in the advertising industry.  “I jumped at the opportunity to join Vision2 as a Geek for Good.

Being happy about your work, proud of the customers you serve, having the opportunity to bring real change in improving their situation, while building and using new technologies with this group of amazing people is really a rewarding experience that I am blessed to be part of.”


Chris Rajczi

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Development team. A career focused on working with smaller companies and non-profits to help them exceed expectations, Chris takes particular satisfaction from helping others do what they didn’t think possible.

In his spare time volunteers through long term relationships with multiple charities including the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Dallas GiveCamp, Boy Scouts of America and his Church.


Brenda Woodson

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Development team. Brenda makes our great product pretty and user friendly. “My tasks involve “cleaning up” after the programmers, mostly Carl’s messes, which has led to my self-chosen nickname of ‘The Wolf’.

It’s a fun team and unlike any work environment I’ve previously been a part.”


Kevin Roberts

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Development team. I am the testament that old dogs can be taught new tricks.  After 22 years in the Physician and IT recruitment industries, I joined Vision2 to help in any way possible.

“When friends and family ask how the job is going, I have the joy of telling them that I haven’t been to work in a year and a half!”


Dan Lewis

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Initially a summer intern with Vision2, Dan has earned roll as a full-time developer on the team and will be with us for a year before heading off to college in the fall of 2014.

“Have learned more than I ever expected during my internship and very excited about being a contributing member of the team..  The best part is contributing to something that is really important and will make a difference to many.”



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I am the brains behind the patent pending technology here at Vision2, and you can tell that because I unlike all the other geeks at Vision2 have white eyebrows.  When I am not building another code generator or implementing an expression language based on lambda calculus I can often be found watching the window to make sure that there are no evil plastic bags or pieces of paper blowing by.

The reason I like working at Vision2 are the customers, I get to run up to them, wag my tail and they pet me.   So don’t be shy, stop by and say hello.  After I sniff your hand to say hello, we can discuss my thoughts on maximum margin ranking for information retrieval.


Noob Jar

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As an inanimate jar you may be wondering what my role is here at Vision2.  I am the Noob Jar and it is my job to ensure that there is a focus on quality here at Vision2.  I remind each and every person who produces a defect or makes a silly mistake that there are client financial consequences for our  errors.  We want our customers to have a great experience working with Vision2 and that means we need to have a commitment to quality and good judgment.  When a mistake is made at Vision2, I collect a fee, typically $1, and anywhere up to $20 for each mistake which is payable to me.  This provides a gentle reminder to all of the team here at Vision2 that quality and accuracy are important.

There is a brighter side to my role here at Vision2, and that is I typically get to give away all of those fees to an organization in need.  Vision2 is committed to serving organizations who do good, and I ensure that even their mistakes are used for that purpose.

My friends have asked me if I aspire one day to be the next Malcom Balridge, or to obtain the status of the Six Sigma quality program, but I don’t think there is any better job than to keep my team focused on doing good better here at Vision2.