Maybe. But knowing that doesn’t actually help you fix the problem.

Even worse, it could be leading you astray!

We compiled the four most common (and false) assumptions about the 80/20 rule in our new white paper.

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Is it really true that 20% of your givers give 80% of your total gifts?

Four Common (and False)
Assumptions Your Church Might Be Making About the 80/20 Rule

Assumption: The 80% are All Alike

HINT: A cookie-cutter approach will not be effective

Assumption: Focusing on the 80% Yields the Greatest Results

HINT: Look beyond the numbers for the answers

Assumption: Apps Will Make the 80% More Generous

HINT: No one chooses a church by its online donation software

Assumption: Payment Processors can be Trusted as Experts on Your Givers

HINT: Bigger is not always better

With our team’s deep experience in church finance and technology for both churches and nonprofits, we’re familiar with the assumptions church leaders can be lead to make about their givers.

We’re familiar with the gaps in current solutions that keep churches constantly seeking a better way to manage online giving and grow generosity among their members. 

Vision2 went back to the drawing board to close these gaps, challenging all our assumptions about what was possible.

Don't Make Financial Decisions Based on Wrong Assumptions

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