570% better than industry average gift size and 270% better than the next best solution in Q1 2014

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We believed that we could build a better online giving experience by focusing on reducing friction and providing a better online giving experience, providing more context about what people are giving to, a seamless shopping cart experience, acknowledgement sequences that recognize repeated giving, to the ability to manage, update gifts, pay pledges, download statements and view giving history.

1QuarterNumbersSource Data: Vision2 and https://www.blackbaud.com/online-marketing/online-giving

I am sure that my esteemed colleagues will want to argue that the Vision2 average gift data is skewed due to a small number of gifts and we would agree that Vision2 does not handle nearly the same volume as our competitors do currently.  However, with over 12,000 gifts across multiple clients represented in this data we feel that it is statistically valid and interesting to our customers and potential customers.   Now I won’t promise that every client will see the same experience or average but so far our clients have been very successful with Vision2.