3 reasons why accurate addresses are critical to relationships

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3 Reasosn Why Address Accuracy(2)

So I was browsing the linked in groups today and I ran across a post where a person was struggling with the fact that someone in their organization had placed a lot of “address line 1” data on “address line 2” and left address line 1 blank.   There were several solutions to this problem in this particular product that revolved around by address clean up service or run a report and manually repair the data.

There are three reasons why having accurate address data matters to the people who support your efforts.

1. Can’t send me a piece of mail when you don’t know my address.

The issue with this is that statements, appeals, newsletters, or other communication may end up in the wrong place.  Worse yet may share sensitive financial data such as how much a person has given to your organization with someone else which is the fastest path to upsetting someone.  Making sure that your address data is always accurate is part of the core of Vision2.  Its not an extra module, there is no extra charge, its just part of doing good better at Vision2.  We want your mail to end up at the right place because every member of the Vision2 system is also in on or more of our client’s data sets.  We take it personally when mail doesn’t end up in the right place, because it is personal.

2. Your supporters will judge how you handle their money by how you handle their data.

Without easily accessed and tangible data to show exactly how their money is being used, your supporters will use their interaction with you through all channels as a proxy to how well you manage the other aspects of your organization.  If you handle it poorly then they will assume you handle their gifts poorly.  Vision2 provides self service tools for mobile and web as well as tools for the back office staff to maintain accurate profile data.

3. Duplicate detection requires accurate address data.  Less duplicates equals more support.

Address information is an invaluable piece of data for determining and eliminating duplicates in your system and in your outbound communications.  Without accurate easily compared address data its much more difficult to enable duplicate mail.   No one appreciates seeing the same letter in the same envelope on the same day.  It delivers the wrong message, “We don’t know you”, and that message leads to less support for your organization.

We are very proud of the fact that whether its import, mobile, the web self service tools, or the use of the Vision2 CRM portal we always validate that an address is deliverable, we add Zip+4, and we geo-code and won’t allow an address if it is not accurate.